Founded in 1914 from Sweden

In 1914, a forester’s son named Wiktor Haglöf made an outdoorsman’s backpack. Today the company he founded is a world leader in clothing, footwear and hardware for the active outdoor lifestyle, offering high-quality products to enthusiasts and professionals alike. We believe in our products, every one being the result of rigorous design and testing. Each complements another, functioning in a wide range of activities, yet with an activity-specific feel. And, because our hearts lie in nature, at Haglöfs we incorporate sustainability in everything we do, from developing new technologies with lower environmental impact, to becoming a member of bluesign® and the Fair Wear Foundation. We promote these efforts with the Take Care label. To learn more about our products, our company and our sustainability work, please visit www.haglofs.com.

Brand market : Outdoor
Brand premiumness : Premium

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